El-Hibri Fuad Blog

Fuad El-Hibri and the International Biomedical Research Alliance

Posted on: November 13, 2010

The International Biomedical Research Alliance (IBRA) is a philanthropic organization that is dedicated to the support of the NIH-Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program, which strives to establish the highest standards of excellence in training biomedical researchers, advance groundbreaking biomedical research, enrich the pool of leaders in the field, and eliminate barriers which frustrate the transfer of a broad spectrum of knowledge to the next generation of researchers.

Along with colleagues from industry, education, and government, Fuad El-Hibri is a member of the IBRA Board of Directors. The Alliance helps provide opportunities for students to build and develop important elements of scientific leadership, giving students the opportunity to grow into exceptional biomedical research leaders. IBRA firmly believes in the ability of outstanding researchers to transform today’s promise of cures and treatments into available therapies, drugs and prevention measures that enhance the world’s health.

Since its inception in 2000, the Scholars program has recruited gifted, inquiring, creative and dedicated minds for a uniquely designed doctoral program of training and investigative, exploration to challenges some of the worlds greatest minds to achieve IBRA’s main goal to create the premier PhD and MD/PhD program.


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