El-Hibri Fuad Blog

Fuad El-Hibri and The National Health Museum

Posted on: October 5, 2010

The National Health Museum (NHM) is a science-based institution devoted to educating and inspiring Americans to live healthier lives. With an on site museum planned in Atlanta, and a web-based cyber museum, NHM is committed to bringing health science to life with exhibits, programs, and teaching strategies for educators. The web-based cyber museum is a global online network and digital information hub, consisting of an interactive online exhibit of cutting-edge science. Its global conference center and forum will stimulate dialogue between scientists, policy makers, and consumers concerning medical breakthroughs. Along with other leaders in business, science, public service, and medicine, Fuad El-Hibri serves on the NHM Board of Trustees.

NHM’s on-site museum, called The Experience Museum, is expected to be located at Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park. The facility will consist of self-guided multi-dimensional immersive presentations of life, health, and the human body, designed by BRC Imagination Arts. Renowned architect Moshe Safdie is designing the facility.


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