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Emergrnt Biosultions on Answers.com

Posted on: August 17, 2009

Type: Public
On the web: http://www.emergentbiosolutions.com
Employees: 587
Employee growth: 4.8%

Emergent BioSolutions protects your thorax against anthrax. Emergent BioSolutions develops and produces, for government and commercial markets, drugs that treat or protect against infectious diseases and bio-agents. The company supplies BioThrax (the US’s only FDA-approved anthrax vaccine) primarily to the departments of Defense and Health and Human Services (HHS). Its biodefense unit is also developing a post-exposure treatment for anthrax and a preventive vaccine for botulinum toxin. For commercial markets, Emergent is working on therapies and vaccines for typhoid, Group B strep, and hepatitis B, among other things. Chairman and CEO Fuad El-Hibri controls more than half of the company.

Key numbers for fiscal year ending December, 2008:
Sales: $178.6M
One year growth: (2.4%)
Net income: $20.7M
Income growth: (9.8%)

Chairman and CEO: Fuad El-Hibri
President, COO, and Director: Daniel J. Abdun-Nabi
SVP Finance and Administration, CFO, and Treasurer: R. Don Elsey

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